Here are a few questions we often receive from customers. If you have other questions or would like to request a free estimate, please contact us:

How much does holiday lighting cost?
Packages typically start around $1000 with the average package being around $2,000. From there, installations can go up to any amount depending on the size and scope of the project. A budget is very helpful when requesting an estimate to keep options within reason.

What is the value?

It’s priceless.  There are thousands of emergency room visits each holiday season from DIY decorators. Be safe this year and experience a hassle-free Holiday installation. Be sure to spend more time with your family and let us worry about untangling the lights.

What am I paying for?

Design, customization, installation, service, take-down and storage. Products are not sold or owned by the client. We service, replace and update materials as necessary.

Why Christmas Décor of Harrisburg over the competition?

Christmas Décor of Harrisburg is fully-insured, locally-owned, and women-owned. We are nationally-recognized industry leaders. In 2020, we were named Eastern Regional Franchise of the Year outshining franchisees from even the Philadelphia, DC and New York Metros! We’ve made some tremendous growth from 2008, when we were recognized as Christmas Décor’s New Franchise of the Year!

How does the annual process work with Christmas Decor?

    1. Send us a street view photo so we can put together a free, line-item estimate.
  2. ACCEPT:
    1. Choose the options that fit your style & budget.
    2. Select color theme for this year (most can be changed at no additional cost from year-to-year with the exception of greenery items).
    3. Specify your ideal “go live” date.
    4. Submit a signed proposal with 50% deposit.
    1. Installations occur in phases beginning as early as October 1st.
    2. Timers are left (plugged into an outlet) so when you are ready to “go live”, simply plug your extensions cords into your timer.
    3. Should anything go wrong, please let us know immediately via the Service Request Form. We try to resolve issues within 48 hours, safety permitting.
    4. When you’re ready to turn your lights off, simply unplug the extension cords from your timer(s), but leave your timer plugged into the outlet.
    1. We begin takedowns the first week of January. Please ensure we are aware if you’d like to leave your lights on later.
    2. Takedowns usually occur in phases and are usually completed by February. Due to weather and light restrictions, we may accidentally leave something on or behind. Please just let us know so we can remove it in a timely manner.
    1. Renewal contracts start going out in January and you’re eligible for various discounts and payment plans. Our 10-Pay plan enables you to split your lighting costs into 10 monthly payments that automatically pay from your credit card.
    1. Changes to your lighting package should be made prior to acceptance and no later than September 1st for renewals.

What type of lights do you use?

We use commercial-grade LED lights. These are not the old-style LEDs that contain a bluish hue to them (a common misconception). The LED lights are safer and more energy-efficient than incandescent. We have a variety of colors available, including but not limited to: Warm White, Winter White, Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Amber, Purple and Orange.

What can you light or decorate at my home or business?

Structures including roof, fascia, ridges, windows, entrances, poles, posts, etc. Landscaping elements such as trees, shrubs, pathways, etc.

What types of wraps do you offer for trees and shrubs?

Branch, canopy and hybrid wraps are available.

canopy branch wrap lights by Christmas Decor of Harrisburg

How do my lights turn on?

In most situations, a timer will be set to the times you prefer so you never have to worry about turning your lights on or off. Typical timeframe is 4 p.m. to midnight.

What if I want to make changes next year?

No problem! Just let us know in advance so we can update your package. Color swaps are typically free of charge, but other changes may increase or decrease your pricing.